The Goblet of Fire!  *do not try this at home!*

** DISCLAMER**. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR ON YOUR OWN. FIRE WILL CAUSE GLASS TO BREAK OR CAN GET OUT OF CONTROL VERY EASY.  **DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME** Now that that is out of the way.  I’ve never been one to like fire with my drinks or shots. But apparently afterContinue reading “The Goblet of Fire!  *do not try this at home!*”

Mixed Up Mule

Sitting a bar you end up meeting lots of people if you take the time,  exchanging of conversations can lead to many things. New ideas, challenged beliefs, lasting friendships.  But you never know till you say hello. I went to a Mission Taco Joint in Soulard on Sunday to visit with two bartenders I usedContinue reading “Mixed Up Mule”