S’mores Martini 

The crackling of fire, roasting of marshmallows.  It’s one of the only things that I remember and look forward to about camping.  Lord knows it wasn’t the spiders or the no showers. It was the marshmallows.

Burnt?  Lightly toasted?  Just a little warm?  How do you like your marshmallows on the camp fire?  

This cocktail is created by Josh Laney, at the time he was working at The Pepper Lounge downtown.   He realized we were missing a dessert cocktail on our menu. Originally the marshmallow was doused in 151 rum and then lite on fire. Unfortunately it didn’t stay lite for very long.  Then I remebered how I read about a Misto can sprayer with 151 rum being used like a blow torch.  It was the only way we could get the charred effect and the smell.  Oh, the smell of the cooking marshmallow is one thing that always stay with you.

The Pictures were taken by PixelTreePhoto at The Pepper Lounge

The S’mores Martini  

  • Vanilla vodka – 1.5 oz 
  • Baileys – .5 oz 
  • White Creme de Cacao – .5 oz 
  • 1/2 and 1/2 – .5 oz 
  • Rimmed with Graham Cracker
  • Garnished with a toasted Marshmallow 

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