The Devil’s Due

Drink – The Devil’s Due


  • 1/2 a grapefruit freshly squeezed (roughly 4 oz)
  • 1.5 oz of Uncle Val’s Gin
  • .5 oz of St Germain
  • couple of dashes of bitters. 
  • combine all the ingredients in a pint glass with Ice and stir.

Flame of Judgment 

  • A bar spoon of brown sugar in half of the grapefruit you just juiced
  • Light the Brown sugar with some highproof rum or everclear in the dead carcass of the grapefruit to soak in the flavor and so it’s trapped while it burns.  
  • Pour on top of the drink after it cooks down a little. *for more dramitic presentation we pour while still on fire **

**(Disclamer – we are trained profesionals. please do not try this at home.)

  • Juice of a grapfruit,
  • pour of some gin,
  • swish of some elderflower,
  • and a sprinkle of the bitters.

I like that it sounds like the ingredients for a potion or spell…Well, it just might be.


Burning Brown Sugar

Usually, I’m the one telling you that I don’t like to play with fire as I caress my bald head, as if I lost my hair in a laboratory fire. But this time I’m telling you that I love it. –Maybe it’s the sound of crackling or the smell of the Brown Sugar.  -Maybe it’s just the primal instinct and awe of watching fire.  -Maybe it’s because this drink is fantastic and like my prom date, this just gets me excited as I wait for what I know is about to happen. Pleasure. 

 Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin

Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin combines juniper, cucumber, lemon, sage, and lavender the same way my father used to make his award winning chili – to perfection. I love this small-batch gin from 35 Maple Street. I definitely love it with Grapefruit! the lavender and sage really comes out to complement it.    

 St. Germain

 If you haven’t heard of St Germain, you need to put it on your shopping list. This Elder-flower Liquor is the new ketchup in the bartending world. It goes with pretty much anything! just don’t use too much. By itself the Drink is good. Add the burnt sugar to the drink or nibble on it as you sip the cocktial is up to you. Either way will give you a different texture and taste. It’s good. But with a dash of bitters on top, it goes beyond the expectations one could hope for. 

 Angostrura Aromatic Bitters

Now mind you, I’m not one of those bartenders that puts bitters in everything or has an arrey of 50+ different kind, as I’m telling you the history of all of them, while fiddling with my waxed mustache that went out of style before the automoblie came around. Mainly becouse, well, I just can’t remember all those facts nor can I grow a mustache that could even resemble one that could be waxed. And mainly I think that bitters is overused in everything. I never understood that in order for the drink to be good it had to hit your taste buds like a drunk construction worker. Bitters is a good balancer with sweet or tart. Used wisley you can quickly modify the drink to taste!

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